A Great Men’s Hair Style for Summer 2015

Women have so many choices when it comes to changing their looks with hair and makeup. Men usually have one look by default, but it’s not their fault. Guys can rock a few different looks if they go to the right stylist or barber. First of all, they need a skilled stylist who keeps current on styles, cutting techniques, takes their time with each man in their chair, and also educates them on how to do 2-3 different styles with their haircut. Usually it’s with minimal hair product. Think “one cut, many styles”. Don’t be afraid to show a pic on your phone of what you may want or ask the stylist barber what they think would look good. Just that question alone will tell you if your stylist is a technical haircutter or an actual “hair artist”. I am a hair artist… because I am an artist everywhere else in life. I paint, landscape, design, sketch, etc. I did all that before I ever took one snip with scissors. Art spills over into everything an artist does. They can’t not be an artist. However, the technical skills had to be there too. That is why we have state boards, licensure, and schooling.

The GMH. The “Grown Man’s Haircut”. Some recognize it as the men’s hairstyle of “Old Hollywood”. This is a classic geometric cut. There is a specific formula in the cutting technique. The art and creativity comes in the styling. I always ask “What kind of product do you use; pomade?, clay? cream?, gel?, spray? and then I ask “What do you do with your hair after a shower and do you comb, brush or finger-style?”. With those questions, I am revealing the different ways one can style, which leaves most men flabbergasted but fascinated that they can do something different with their hair. The “GMH”, Grown Man’s Haircut is short on the sides, longer on top, typically parted on the side, has mid-ear length sideburns, is typically low-tapered in the back depending on the nape hairline, and is a minimal “hold product” cut. Notice there is a difference between “hold products” and “styling products”. Nobody wants “helmet head” anymore so we tend to stay away from stronger hold products unless it is a high style cut that requires hair to be frozen in place. Most men look great with the GMH. The variations can be comb or finger styling. The way that I cut a man’s hair is that I tend to texturize the hair with a few different cutting techniques. This makes the hair look like “she just ran her fingers through it”. It has grooves, depth, and dimension and that can be increased with a higher shine product too but is not necessary since everybody has about five shades of hair on their head. That spectrum of shades actually reflects light differently when texturized. A good stylist barber will cut with that in mind.

At the end of a cut, I will educate each man as I style. I will tell them they have a couple different options with their new cut. A work look, a casual look, and a fun out-on-the-town look. I will quickly demonstrate each style and show them how they too can achieve these looks. When in doubt about a new cut, ask for the GMH, because it is easy care, easy style, requires minimal time and product, and it grows in beautifully, naturally, and gives your stylist barber a nice canvas to work with in about four weeks.