6 Celebrities with Dark Hair Colors

Today we have tried to select celebrities’ hair colors and show you. Celebrities are the best source of inspiration and many girls  go for changes inspired by celebrities.celebrities black hair colorsThose who like black color should go on reading because we are going to speak about six celebrities with dark hair color. You have a chance to see your favorite actress or singer with a black shade.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a dream girl for many guys. In spite of her age she looks perfect. She knows what hairstyle to wear in order to grab attention. It seems dark shade is for her because due to this shade her blue eyes pop out and give her more charm. To be honest, black hue is the best shade for her and we love to see her with this style. As you see it perfectly works with her skin complexion.

Megan Fox black Hair

Megan Fox black Hair

Monica Belluchi

Monica Belluchi is probable one of the most desirable females around the world. She has managed to break many guys’ hearts and she is always in the center of attention. We can see her on many magazine covers because women like to copy here feminine and attractive looks.  We have seen her wearing black shade many times. It works well with her fair skin complexion. Her look is always natural due to the shade.

Monica Bellucci Jet Black hair

Monica Bellucci Jet Black hair

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular black shade wearers. Black is her signature shade and when recently she has changed her hair into platinum blonde many of her fans find out the color not proper for her. So she did not wear platinum shade for a long time nowadays she is wearing black shade again. So, here you can see Kim wearing black shade with caramel highlights. The overall look of the style is not bad and the color looks good on her long locks. Obviously she knows what to wear in order to make her look impressive.

Kim Kardashian black hair

Kim Kardashian black hair

Lana Del Rey

This amazing singer always has a mysterious and sexy look. Lana Del Rey has sported black color many times. Her cool skin tone works well with the shade. Here you can see that Lana has chosen long wavy hairstyle and the combination of long locks and black shade is really perfect. Her goddess look impresses many people around the world. Her red lipstick completes the look and makes it more gorgeous.

Lana del rey black hair

Lana del rey black hair

Selena Gomez

Selena is famous singer and actress who always have a natural look. It seems she is not fan of extravagant looks because Selena always appears with natural shades which fascinates many girls around the world. She can sport the style both on long and short hair. In both cases she looks amazing and stunning. I do really love her girlish looks.

Selena Gomez black hair withhighlights

Selena Gomez black hair withhighlights

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. She always has a classic and elegant look. Black hair color is her signature shade and it seems that she likes it. She may add some highlights to her black hair and keep her amazing and fascinating look. Of course she has sported blonde shades but as for me black is the best shade that she could ever wear.

Nicole with black hair color

Feux: Fake Bob Hairstyle for 2016

Hair experts do all possible and impossible things to create new hairstyles. Both celebrities and non-celebrities are waiting for innovations because wearing the same hairstyle is tiring and boring while celebrities always should come up with new inspiring looks. Reading the headline of our article you probably have many questions like “What is feux or fake bob hairstyle?” or “Is it possible to get a bob without cutting your hair?’.Feux bob hairstyle 2016Well, according to professional hairstylists it is reaslly possible to get a bob without chopping your hair and even you can get this hairstyle in a short time. In order to give you an idea about feux, fake short hairstyles we have selected some celebrities who are wearing fake bob. When you see them you would never think that in real they have long locks.

 Taylor Swift

Undoubtedly many of you have seen Taylor exactly with this style but none of you could imagine that her hairstyle in real is not as short as it seems. Now you think what her hairstylists have done to get this look. So they created two low ponies on the back and pined that ponies into a low bun and with the help of crown hair they hide the bun. The wavy layers on front part visually create illusion like she has sported wavy bob. By the way look is simply hilarious and those who want to have bob hairstyle without cuts may opt for feux bob hairstyle.

Taylor Swift feux bob hairstyle

Taylor Swift feux bob hairstyle

Emma Stone Feux Bob Hairstyle

I am impressed really, I could never imagine that in real she has long hairstyle and the skillful hairstylists created feux bob on her long locks adding some mysterious look to the style. Wearing this style Emma has proved that she is beautiful both with long and short hair. Her amazing smile and shining eyes give her some charm and beauty. Honestly, love this look.

emma stone faux bob hairstyle

emma stone faux bob hairstyle

 Elizabeth Olsen Fake Bob Hair

Famous designer and actress Elizabeth Olsen looks really gorgeous in this style. Her feux bob hairstyle beautifully has framed her face. She has worn the style on her blonde shades and it works well with her skin complexion. When you look at her you want to get the style. So if you have the same feelings do not hesitate to sport feux bob.

elizabeth olsen fake bob hairstyle

elizabeth olsen fake bob hairstyle

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s beautifully face features give her an opportunity to wear the style that she wants. We have seen her with long locks, short ”boy cuts”, medium length hair and etc. All her styles are really marvelous and are worth to try. Like many other celebrities she has worn feux bob hairstyle as well. With right chosen makeup her hairstyle looks too soft and tender.

Emma fake bob hair

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for 2016

Special for women who are fond of both blonde and red hair colors I am going to offer you the most sophisticated and lovely strawberry blonde hair colors for 2016. This is a great combo of blonde and light red shades that provide us with stunning hues. The ravishing shades of strawberry blonde are the bests for light to medium complexions and look ideal with light eye colors.strawberry blonde hair colors 2016Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Light shades of strawberry blonde are very subtle and they basically work with light skin tones and light green eyes. This combination creates a gorgeous result that looks so beautiful. Light strawberry blonde is actually a sun-kissed hair color.light strawberry blonde hair color 2016Pastel Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Since pastel hair colors are trendy you can choose a neutral pastel strawberry blonde shade for your hair. It is closer to peach hair colors which have both blonde and peach hues. In case you want a more fascinating effect you can add some light and dark strawberry blonde highlights on your reddish blonde hair.pastel strawberry blondeReddish Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

This one is almost red in its warm and fiery effect. If you want a flashy hair color to stand out from the crowd you can pick this reddish strawberry blonde hair color.reddish strawberry blonde hair color 2016Two-Tone Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Richer effect can provide you the mixture of two strawberry blonde shades. You take dark and light strawberry blonde hair colors and create a well-balanced two-tone effect on your long hair. The result is quite noticeable on waves.two tone strawberry blonde hair color 2016Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

For those who want to experiment with darker shades of strawberry blonde which goes both with green and blue eyes I will offer this dark strawberry blonde. It works with light complexions as well as with medium skin tones.dark strawberry blonde hair color 2016Strawberry Blonde Hair Color with Green Eyes

The best matching for strawberry blonde hair color is green eye hue. It is very harmonious and beautiful. On the other hand you get a natural-looking effect when you match this hair color with green eyes. It seems as if you have natural light red or ginger hair color.strawberry blonde hair color with light eyes 2016Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

Do you like the trendy ombre style? Try to get a pretty ombre style on your long hair by strawberry blonde shades. You will get a warm effect on your crown part and cooler result on the tips. Just do it in 2016 to feel the attractiveness of the strawberry blonde hair color.

strawberry blonde ombre hair color 2016

Trendy Medium Ombre Hairstyles for 2016

The trendy medium length haircuts are all about sophistication, delicacy and femininity. They are very playful in their new styling solutions for every face shape and personal taste. Taking into consideration the fact that ombre hair coloring technique is trendy and is becoming more requites for all lengths of hair we represent you the most flattering medium ombre hairstyles for 2016. Choose the best ombre hairstyle for your medium locks.medium ombre hairstyle 2016Simple Middle part Medium Ombre Hairstyle

I would like to start with the simplest medium ombre hairstyle. It’s a light brown and blonde ombre on medium thin hair which is center parted. These light blonde ends make the haircut visually longer and thicker. So, if you have fine hair you may often style your locks in this soft hairstyle.medium center part ombre hairstyle 2016Medium Dark Ombre Straight Hairstyle

Straight hair is usually classy and elegant. But it can look dull in a monotone shade. To liven up your medium straight hairstyle you can go for side bangs to frame your face and for a dark ombre hair color. Combine the dark and the light shades of brown to get the desired effect. This combo works with light to medium skin tones as well as with particular dark complexions.medium straight ombre hair 2016Medium Wavy Pastel Ombre Hairstyle

As for pastel shades I can say that they create the most ravishing ombre styles. These hair colors are usually combined with blonde hair and tend to soften it. You can take light pink, warm peach, sky blue or mint green pastel hues for your wavy medium hairstyle. The result will be more than astounding especially due to your soft and tender waves.medium pastel ombre 2016Medium Layered Ombre Hairstyle

Here you see a formal ombre hairstyle for special occasions. It has a glamorous touch in it and looks very neat, sleek and feminine. The effect is dark ombre on medium layered haircut with a center part style. This elegant middle parting makes your front layers frame your face equally on both sides. As a cool ombre hairstyle it’s worthy to try in 2016.medium layered ombre hair 2016Medium Curly Ombre Hairstyle

For black women with medium curly dark hair I offer a new hair styling idea. It’s the trendy black brown or dark chocolate brown and light brown combination. Though your curls don’t allow us to see the color separation clearly but we feel the attractiveness it gifts your look. This style is really astounding for natural curly hair.medium curly ombre hair 2016Straight Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Your cute straight long bob haircut is now more sophisticated and seductive in ombre style. It looks visually longer and compliments your skin tone and eye color if you choose the right shades.

straight lob in ombre 2016

2016 Pixel Hair Colors for Layered Haircuts

After the ravishing ombre and pastel hair colors the turn is for the next big trend. It’s pixelated hair that seems to be created special for straight layered haircuts. This is the innovative hair coloring idea of Spanish hairstylists. If you are interested in xpression pixel hair colors for layered hair to try in 2016 have a look at these fantastic examples.pixel hair colors for layered hair 2016Short Layered Pixelated Pixie Hairstyle

So, this is short layered pixie haircut in dark hair color. It is beautified with fiery red and orange pixel hair color. They make the dull monotone look of your haircut more attractive and eye-catching. Section by section added colors create the desired effect on your hair.layered short pixel hair 2016Medium Layered Pixelated Hairstyle

The asymmetrical look of this hairstyle is created just for purpose. As you see the natural brown hair color is now highlighted with pink pixel hair colors that go with bold makeup. The effect is more prominent thanks to the sleek and straight style of the layers.layered haircut in pixel hair color 2016Short Pixelated Hairstyle

Here is another pixie haircut with pixel shades. It’s a brown colored hair with warm and bright orange pixel hair colors. As these highlights are not so many they look very subtle and pretty.pixel hair color for 2016Layered Lob Hairstyle with Pixel Hair Colors

This one is rather eye-catching because of the vibrant pink, blue and violet hues on dark hair. They are very astounding especially in this puzzled effect. It’s just incredible and e can say that the hair colorist has worked wisely. Besides creating the pixelated style he/she also added a stunning design to it.pixel hair color for layered hair 2016Pastel Pixelated Short Hair

Adding pastel highlights on blonde hair is quite common but what about dark hair? In this case brunettes can opt for the tender pixel style. You need to combine several shades of pastel on your layered haircut. The result will be very cute.pixel hair color ideas 2016Rainbow Pixelated Hairstyle

Here you see a unique pixelated hairstyle with plenty of shades. It’s new rainbow coloring idea both for dark and light locks. But for a perfect result you may need millions of short and long layers starting from the top part of your hair and including your fringe as well. pixel hair colors 2016Vibrant Orange Pixel Highlights

Well, if you want to get the touch of the sun and the touch of the flame on your hair go for this kind of vibrant coloring. It is too warm and bright for dark hair.

layered pixel hair color 2016

Short Curly Hairstyles for 2016

If you have natural curly hair and cut it off a short hairstyle then you already have a stylish look. Those that have short straight haircut and want to make their hairstyle more attractive we offer several fashionable short curly hairstyles for 2016.short curly hair 2016So, natural curly haired women can style their hair with the help of simple hair mousse or gel. You just need to apply one of them on your hair if you have too volumized curls and want to style them subtler. As natural curls need much moisture and softness you are supposed to keep them always moisturized and silky. Perhaps you know how stubborn and unyielding natural curls are. To control them you need to use right hair styling products special for curly hair which can also help to keep hair frizz down.

To make straight hair curly you will need either hair curling tools or the advice of your hairstylist who best knows what can be helpful for your hair type. Before opting for any hairstyles take in to account your face shape and your features. If they really go with the chosen hairstyle then you may often sport it.short curls 2016

short curly hair 2016

short curly hair lob 2016

short curly hair2016

short curly hairstyle 2016

short curly hairstyle idea 2016

short red curly hair 2016No matter you have natural curls or you do your best to get curly hairstyles. At the end they look luxurious and make your appearance cuter. The best advantage of short hairstyles is that they can be styled curly easier then long hairstyles. They are trendy and very eye-catching. If dyed with a rich and subtle hair color, these hairstyles will bring out different shades of your hair color. They are perfect for any occasion and if you like you can wear them on special events too. According to your taste and outfit you may like the idea of adding some small and cute accessories to your curly hairstyle.

These hairstyles make the best choices for lob, bob and long pixie cuts. Many celebrities with lob or bob hairstyles often style their hair curly and love the way they look. if you want to copy popular and fashionable short curly hairstyles you can take examples of Charlize Theron, Carey Mulligan, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Scarlet Johanson and many others.

Charlize Theron Short Curly HairCharlize Theron short curly hairstyleCarey Mulligan Short Curly HairCarey Mulligan Hair BobBeyonce Short Curly Hairbeyonce bob hairstylesTaylor Swift Short Curly Hairshort curly hairstyles of taylor swiftScarlet Johanson Short Curly Hairscarlett johansson short curly hairAudrey Tautou Short Curly Haircurly hairstyles Audrey Tautou 2016

curly hairstyles Audrey Tautou2016 Anne Hathaway Short Pixie Haircurly hairstyles of anne hathawayMiley Cyrus Short Curly Hair

short curly hairstyles of miley cyrus 2016

short curly hairstyles of miley cyrus

Easy and Cute Hairstyles

There are women who are always busy and they do not have time to style their hair. If you are one of them you should keep reading our article because we are going to represent you, the easiest and cutest hairstyles to sport.Easy and Cute  celebrity hairstylesThe celebrities will inspire you and prove that easy hairstyles alsomay have a laxerious look. You will need not more than ten minutes to style your hair. Let’s move on and see the trendiest hairstyles which you can wear.

Kirsten Dunst pinned back locks

Kristen Dunst is famous American model, singer, actress and director. As a successful woman she can be a good example for all females. Obviously her simple pinned back hairstyle looks great. Her chic blond hair color makes her hairdo look perfect and flirty. The final look is completed with the help of side swept bangs. In this case she used simple and casual hair accessory.Kirsten  Dunst pinned back locks hairstyleJessica Alba sleek low ponytail

Jessica Alba always come up with new looks and nearly all her hairstyles frame her beautiful face and make it more beautiful. This time she styled casual low ponytail and secure her ponytail in one side, surely you can wear the ponytail the way you want.Jessica Alba sleek low ponytail hairstyleEmma Watson Tousled Waves

Emma Watson is a young actress, who surprised us a lot of times by her new, stunning looks. She proved that she always ready to go for experiments in order to have a trendy and fresh look. One of her famous looks is tousled waves which is very easy to style. First of all give a volume to your hair than with the help of iron make it curly.Emma Watson hairstyleJulianne Hough Updo

Juliana Hough is an American actress, dancer, singer-songwriter and actress. She is very popular and a lot of girls like to copy her looks. Here we have one of her casual updo hairstyles, which is perfect on her blonde hair. She completed her look with the help of headband which obviously gave her a tender look. In this case you can wear bangs it depends on your face features.Julianne Hough Updo hairstyleZooey Deschanel Messy Half up and Half down Hairstyle

Like the rest hairstyles this one is also very casual although Zooey has an adorable look with her messy half up and half down hairstyle. Her hair has a more natural look and wearing this hairstyle with natural makeup is an excellent match.Zooey Deschanel Messy Half up and Half down HairstyleRita Ora Loose and Wild Hairstyle

Rita Ora is a British singer, songwriter and actress who has millions fans around the world. Seems the blonde hair color  were created for her because due to this color she got a luxurious look. She wore her locks in a loose and wild form. You can also style your hair like this and you do not need to wash your before sporting it because in this case second day hair will be great.Rita Ora Loose and Wild HairstyleWhitney Port Loose Side Plait

American designer Whitney Port styled her hair side plait. This casual and beautiful hairstyle is perfect for your date. All you need to do, is to create a loose braid and secure the plait with the help of pins.

Whitney Port Loose Side Plait hairstyle

17 Celebrity Hair Changes: Color Them Bad or Color Them Good?

Over the past integrate years, many celebrities have found themselves in severely full of hair situations.

As formerly documented on The Hollywood Gossip, at slightest 33 stars have left with a little furious and funny brand new looks, whilst the hair transformations of others have done them scarcely unrecognizable.

But it’s not regularly about adding bangs or going all ombre on fans.

It’s infrequently about a splash of blonde here… or a dollop of brunette there.

Coolest Long and Short Retro Hairstyles

Retro hairstyle lovers, today is your day because we have decided to select the best retro long and short hairstyles. Do not miss your chance one more time to see the best hairstyles that once were worn by the most known retro celebrities. I am sure you love the styles of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe because they have been always in the center of attention.retro hairstyles As for me retro hairstyles are the bases of new trendy hairdos which are created by the most known hairstylists. Even if you are not sure to wear them or not, one thing you should know for sure: retro hairstyles are again back and they are again popular.

Loose Retro Waves

Loose retro waves are the best way to describe retro styles. In this case short, medium or long hair owners may wear loose retro waves but it is said that this style is suitable particularly for those who have medium length hair.

Loose Retro Waves

Loose Retro Waves


Vintage Pin-up

Vintage pin-up hairstyle is probably one of the sexiest. Many celebrities are fond of vintage pin-up hairstyles and we can see them wearing these styles quite often. The look is very easy to get you will need some hair accessories and curling tools. If you like the style, just go ahead with it.

Vintage Pin up hairstyle

Vintage Pin up hairstyle

cool  Vintage pin up hair

cool Vintage pin up hair

1920’s Chic Hairstyle

Gorgeous Taylor Swift has demonstrated 1920’s chic updo hairstyle which has grabbed many people’s attention. If you like updo hairstyles surely this one is perfect for you.

amazing 1920’s Chic Hairstyle

amazing 1920’s Chic Hairstyle

1920s Chic Hairstyle

1920s Chic Hairstyle

Retro inspired updo

Again updos! Yes, updos are beloved ones and we will never forget about them. You may do your own research and find some other retro updo hairstyles which will inspire you to create completely new ones. You will not need much time for styling your updo.  Retro updos are perfect for wedding events. Don’t you think so?

wonderful Retro inspired updo

wonderful Retro inspired updo

Retro inspired updo

Retro inspired updo

Victory rolls

You have long hair and you do not know what to do in order to have a stylish look? Well why not victory rolls. They are so beloved ones that are worth to wear. This style was particularly popular in 1930’s and 1940’s.But as we have already mentioned retro styles are again back so, Victory rolls are on the list as well.

Victory rolls hairstyle

Victory rolls hairstyle

Casual retro styles

You do not want to have something sophisticated? No worries because with simple retro hairstyle you can create amazing look as well. Not necessary to go for totally retro you may add some modern effects to your hair too.

Casual retro hairstyles

Casual retro hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Well, here we have reached one of the sex symbols Marlin Monroe. It is not a secret that many celebrities have copied her style but nowadays non-celebrities like to wear her short curly hairstyle too. This style was her signature hairstyle and we can say the best one.

cool Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Trendy Edgy Haircuts for 2016

As you have already noticed edgy hairstyles are going to become even more popular in 2016 and the transformations of our celebrities prove this fact. Soon we will see these hairstyles copied my nay women who want to look braver and flashier. Here you will see cool hairstyle ideas shown by celebs who look very different and unique with them. You may find some inspiration looking at the following hairstyles.edgy hairstyles 2016Edgy Hairstyle of Kimberly Caldwell

The most common edgy looks for the coming year create bangs hairstyles. Here you see Kimberly Caldwell with very cute pixie haircut styled with waves on the long layered and side swept bangs. The chosen platinum blonde hair color which is also very trendy makes her look complete and totally goes with her complexion as well as with her face shape.

wavy pixie of Kimberly Caldwell

wavy pixie of Kimberly Caldwell 2016

Hilary Duff Edgy Hairstyle

With this seductive and very feminine hairstyle Hilary looks captivating and too stylish. Her rich hair color brings out her complexion and the asymmetrical hairstyle beautifully works with her smoky makeup. This can be called a vampiric and mysterious beauty.

Hilary Duff Edgy Hairstyle

Hilary Duff Edgy Hairstyle 2016

Edgy Hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence

Edgy Hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence

Edgy Hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence 2016

Everyone knows how fashionable pixie cuts are today. Though they are considered as boyish hairstyles and don’t suit everyone but Jennifer is not one of them. She has wisely styled her pixie so that it can look soft and even very engaging. Her blonde and brown hair colors make her haircut subtler and break that boyish nature. She is very cute with this edgy hairstyle with side swept bangs.

Edgy Hairstyle of Ciara

Ombre style is used by many celebrities in different ways. Ciara preferred to have it on her wavy bob haircut. She has chosen dark brown and dirty blonde hair colors which work with her dark complexion and compliment her dark eyes. She also created a center divided hairstyle making her look classier and more delicate.

Edgy Hairstyle of Ciara

Edgy Hairstyle of Ciara 2016

Braided Mohawk of Jennifer Morrison

This is another edgy look shown by Jennifer Morrison. Her hairstylist beautifully provided her with this great Mohawk hairstyle without cutting her hair off. Just braiding it he/she got a super Mohawk effect which is very eye-catching in it’s nature. This adventurous and edgy look is perfect for holidays and for parties where you want to have a unique appearance.

Braided Mohawk of Jennifer Morrison 2016

Braided Mohawk of Jennifer Morrison 2016

Katy Perry Edgy Hairstyle with Vibrant Blue Hair Color

We don’t wonder on the transformations of Katy Perry because it became a kind of common that she may appear with a new hair color or with a new hairstyle. Here she has worn vibrant blue hair color on her long curly hair. Her stunning look became more attractive since she has found a nice hue which works with her fair complexion. If you feel you need more attention and want to differ from other this can inspire you.

Katy Perry Edgy Hairstyle with Vibrant Blue Hair Color 2016

Katy Perry Edgy Hairstyle with Vibrant Blue Hair Color 2016

Kelly Osborne Cute Bun Hairstyle with Lavender Hair Color

Another adventurous celebrity is here with her cute braided sleek bun hairstyle colored in subtle lavender shade. Kelly Osborne loves to experiment with pastel hair colors and the hairstyles combined with those hues are incredible and very charming. Taking into account the fact that Kelly has fair complexion all pastel shades work with her skin tone. If you, too, have such complexion you may like the idea of going for pastel hair colors.

Kelly Osbourne Cute Bun Hairstyle with Lavender Hair Color 2016

Kelly Osbourne Cute Bun Hairstyle with Lavender Hair Color 2016

Natalie Dormer Shaved Side Edgy Hairstyle

Side shaved hairstyles are the bravest styles for women. They require shaving the half of your hair and leaving the second half longer. It seems as if you both a girl and a boy in one body. Natalie Dormer wore very trendy hairstyle which is today copied by many girls. She can style only one side of her hair which provides much texture for hair styling.

Natalie Dormer Shaved Side Edgy Hairstyle 2016